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What is Passive Income?

When you are getting recurring income from the work you have already done, then we say it as passive income. Example: You have promoted a product on your website or social media profiles, if any one buys that product from your link, then you will get some money into your pockets (It is called Affiliate Marketing). If this happens repeatedly, then it will become passive income.

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How to start blog-marketing online?

Do you think just blogging suffice to earn?

No, is my answer. Because blogging and marketing are two different categories to explore. But if you mix these two and create a plan of blog-market then it’ll become the base for your online startup.

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Let’s Start your own blog!

So you have decided to start a blog. You are at right place to learn things about starting a blog and making passive income by doing online business of your choice/interest. I will provide you resources to start your website.

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Affiliate Marketing – What’s it?

It’s not a new word to the business or professionals in global market. It’s the booming trend of every business man in digital world to make themselves on the top of the business world.

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