Why Volusion is best E-commerce platform? [2019]

Volusion is an all-in-one eCommerce solution platform for clients. You will get a complete package of tools to start your an online store.

About Volusion

Volusion was started in 1999 by Kevin Sproles. He started building websites for clients. Talking to customers, and building their dream was a passion from the beginning. Doing it all, from sales to support, to product design, Kevin knew what needed to happen to be able to help more people, and soon the first version of Volusion was born: an all-in-one tool for people to run their business.

Kevin always says- “I wanted independent businesses to be successful. So I created Volusion. Small businesses matter.”

There are more than 180,000 entrepreneurs around globe, who are successful and built better stores with Volusion.

You can read the successful stories of Volusion Customers. How they have built stores and how the customer support of Volusion is providing better solutions to run the store successfully.

Why Choose Volusion?

Volusion providing a complete package for online store builders. From building your store to gaining profits, Volusion has different tools at each level. They are customized and effective tools for every customer. For each stage they are providing best customer support to leverage customer’s business.

Create Your Store

Volusion has everything you need to build your store. There are thousands of themes, custom domains, intuitive functionality, Navigation editor and more.

Responsive Themes

Your online store will looks user-friendly on any device (Mobile, Desktop or Tablet) with Volusion responsive themes.

Rich Content Editor

With this content editor, you can update or modify your store anywhere with your device. No coding knowledge needed.

Custom Domain

Make your store with your own brand name. Your custom domain makes shoppers or search engines accessible easily.

Navigation Editor

There are wide variety of navigation styles available to add to your store. This will make shoppers do purchases with ease.

Category Pages

The customization of your products like adding sub categories, images and SEO made easy with Volusion tools and guides.

Search Functionality

No need of scrolling to search products. Volusion advanced search tools made it easy to search relevant items on website.

Homepage Slideshow

Slideshow feature allows you to display coupons, deals on your store. You can also put main products in the slideshow on homepage.

Logo + Favicon Upload

You can showcase your brand all over the site with Volusion promotional tools. You can upload logo and favicon of your brand. It shows the brand everywhere on site.

CSS Editor

If your are good at coding or have some one who knows editing CSS, then this feature works for your to edit your site design even more specific with this CSS editor.

Sell your goods

With an eye-catching product description pages, images and an intuitive order system, secured payment processing and more, you can sell your goods online easy using Volusion.

Here are the best features to consider Volusion to build your online store.

  • Product Pages – Showcase your items with customized tools.
  • Process Orders – Volusion makes your order ease on any device.
  • Gateway and Payment Processing – You can get paid with wallets, cards, electronic checks and money orders.
  • Secure Checkout – PCI certified checkout process.
  • Secure Site – Your store has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Additionally, our SSL certificates ensure that your store is further protected — and Google-friendly.
  • Shipping Options – You can specify shipping types, special discounts, signature requirements and shipping rates.
  • Product Display Customization – Give shoppers the info they want with reviews, social sharing, availability notifications and a Recent History feature.
  • Recurring Pricing – Recurring Pricing tool makes it easy for you to get paid on time.
  • Barcode Generator – Create custom barcodes for your products, making inventory management a breeze.
  • Vendor Codes – You can create custom vendor codes to manage stocking.
  • Related Products – Related product feature suggest products to the customer based on their previous purchases.
  • Inventory/Stock – You can display the stock availability on your site.
  • Manage Customer Accounts – You can manage the customers accounts easily with Volusion tool.
  • CRM – Manage sales tickets and route them to specific departments with our easy-to-use CRM system.
  • Manage Customer Reviews – You can review and display the customers reviews on products.
  • Product Variant Pricing – Name your price: Volusion’s Product Variant feature lets you set the dollar amount you want on any item!
  • Store Management Mobile App – You will get an app to manage your site anywhere on the go.
  • Drop Shipping – Expand your sales potential with Volusion state-of-the-art drop shipping integration.
  • Warehouses – Easily set up your warehouse locations and calculate shipping rates.
  • Tax Rate Calculator – Calculate tax rates and stay up-to-date on pricing with our handy tax calculator.
  • Set Up a Knowledge Base for Your Customers – You can create a knowledge base to the customers about shopping features and benefits on your site.
  • Admin Permissions + History – You can create admin roles and users to check the history of your site.
  • Define Currency – If you are selling across the globe, you can use currency tools on Volusion.
  • Import Products Via CSV – You can import products by uploading CSV file.
  • Firewall Settings – You can control the traffic to your site.
  • POs – Streamline your inventory replenish and Create POs when an item gets sold!
  • Manage Returns – Return management system helps you lot more to give relief from hectic.

Grow Your Business

Volusion’s SEO tools, social integrations and reporting features makes easy for your store to keep tabs.

The best features that you can use for the growth of your store.

  • Powerful SEO
  • Sell on Facebook, Ebay and Amazon
  • Admin Social Management
  • ROI Tracking
  • Create Reports
  • Create Discounts
  • Gift Cards
  • Newsletters
  • Deal of The Day
  • Sitemap Indexing
  • Robots.txt

How Volusion Support works?

Volusion giving you 24/7 access to Austin-based ecommerce experts, who are working together to make you a success.

You can call them or do live chat to get support for your online store. Customer support is very friendly and experts available to resolve queries in short time.


If you want to build a store with an ease and grow your business with no difficult, Volusion will be the best option.

Waiting for what? Build your store, Market and Grow your business with Volusion. You can try it for 14 days with no worries.

Author: Mallika B

Freelance graphic designer, blogger. Create wordpress websites, design logos and brand identity.

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