Unavoidable features of Firefox browser for safe and fast browsing

Firefox is one of the world’s best browser. It is available for both desktop and mobile versions to make your browsing smooth and safe.

You should know the top features of Firefox that will make your browsing easy and fast. There are very good features which gives your browser a stylish look and amazingly fun.

Favorite Add-ons and Extensions:

Extensions are like apps for your browser. Here are the top features that makes your browsing amazing.

  1. Password Manager
  2. Ad-blocking extension
  3. Privacy & Security extensions
  4. Tab management extensions
  5. Bookmark managers
  6. New tab feature
  7. Video extensions
  8. media extensions
  9. photo, music and chat extensions

Stay Safe

The web is a wonderful but wild place. Your personal data can be used without your consent, your activities spied upon, and your passwords stolen. Fortunately, extensions can help fortify your online privacy and security.

You can use password manager to create and secure your passwords online at one place. You can easily manage them by adding password manager extension tool to Firefox.

Ad-blocking extension helps you to block unwanted advertisements and make you to do free browsing.

Online advertisers track your activity to display ads related to your interests, when you skip from one site to another. To help you with this Firefox privacy and security extensions made easy to avoid them.

Organize Tabs & Bookmarks

Do you deal with too many open tabs or a dizzying number of bookmarks? Extensions can help! From organization assistance to providing fun new features, extensions can dramatically change the way you deal with tabs and bookmarks.

Tab Management – Some times you need to work with lot of open tabs and it will be tough to search for appropriate tab from those. Firefox made it easy for you by providing various tab management extensions.


Extensions can help you organize your online interests. Bookmark managers are ideal for folks with a lot of content to track. You can save them to bookmark library and do easy browsing every time.

New tab feature – Start each browsing session tailored just for you by customizing your new tab experience.

Explore more fun ways to change up your tabs with these staff picks.

Enhance Your Media Experience

Extensions can augment online media in all sorts of interesting ways, from watching videos to handling images, music, and more.

Improve your videos – You can customize your YouTube videos and playing videos in theater mode. There are a lot of video extensions available in Firefox browser.

Search media – You can do searching images, download management, text readers and so on. Media extensions make you to do reverse search image to identify the details of images.

Make your browser media player – You can turn Firefox to your entertainment hub by playing videos, music, games and lot of more. Photo, music and chat extensions make your browsing fun and entertainer.


Change your browser’s appearance. Choose from thousands of themes to give Firefox the look you want.

There are lot of categories to change the look of your Firefox browser. It’s really fun to play with the themes.

Dictionaries and Language Packs

Installing a dictionary add-on will add a new language option to your spell-checker, which checks your spelling as you type in Firefox.

Language packs change your browser’s interface language, including menu options and settings.

Search Tools

There are more than 3000+ search tools add-ons in Firefox browser. You can find information respective site by adding these extensions to your browser. Here you can have search tools like Alexa Site info, Startpage.com, Duck Duck Go, Google Translate and many more.

These search tools make your browsing free and saves your time. You can make shopping list, save to do things, set reminders and so on.

Sync Between Devices

Own your life on every device with a Firefox Account. You can login in one device and browse on any device safely.

  • Send an open tab with one click instead of texting or emailing links.
  • Lockbox secures all the passwords you’ve saved in Firefox and gives you easy access across all your iOS devices.
  • Every bookmark you save is instantly added to all your synced devices.
  • Pocket’s listen feature will even read any article aloud to you. All from the Firefox toolbar.
  • Your ideas and inspiration are secure and encrypted with Notes App– and when you’re signed into your Account, they sync from your desktop to your Android devices.

Private Browsing

Firefox provides you powerful private browsing to protect your data and to give you privacy while browsing.

Firefox Private Browsing automatically erases your online info like passwords, cookies and history from your computer. So that when you close out, you leave no trace. Some websites and advertisers attach hidden trackers that collect your browsing info long after you’ve left. Firefox Private Browsing has tracking protection to block them automatically.

Firefox blocks ads with hidden trackers to make you browse freely.

Author: Mallika B

Freelance graphic designer, blogger. Create wordpress websites, design logos and brand identity.

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