Affiliate Marketing

It’s not a new word to the business or professionals in global market. It’s the booming trend of every business man in digital world to make themselves on the top of the business world.

In brief – Affiliate Marketing is a technique to increase the sales of a product by promoting it through other channels or by other people (affiliates) and sharing income as commission to them (affiliates).

There are lot of definitions for affiliate marketing but the overall meaning is same – Affiliates Promoting – Sales – Commission.

So, today most of the people – who are doing blogging or freelancing are earning income through affiliate marketing. They promote the products online using different marketing techniques or tools and finally earns money in to their pockets.

It’s really very competitive program to earn good commissions for the sales. You need to grab the attention of the purchaser and make them to buy through your channel. It’s not in your hand or you will not have control over it. But you can make magic with your content.

How affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing involves four steps

— Finding the right product to promote.
— Sign up for their affiliate program.
— Get your referral promotion link and paste into your blog or website.
— If a sale was made, you will get the commission.

It looks so simple, yet it’s not easy as it looks. You need to invest some time in promoting the products with great techniques. There are thousands of online merchants who are having thousands of products and services to sell but they don’t have the time to market their product or they might be insufficient in their marketing strategy.

Here comes the affiliate marketing system to make it possible for massive sales. These systems rely on the state of the art software which is built to monitor each and every activity of the affiliate program and that includes tracking affiliate link to determine the sales etc.

If some one buys the product through the link on affiliates site, then affiliate get paid as commission.

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing system that’s made out of three components:

  • Retailer – Online vendor who sells products or services online. In affiliate marketing, retailers create affiliate programs for other marketers to join and help market their product and pays them commission from the sales made in return.
  • Affiliate Partner – Affiliates are other marketers or bloggers who join an affiliate program and help market other people’s product to consumers and get commissions in return.
  • Consumer – Consumers are people who purchase the products or services online. In affiliate marketing, consumers purchase products or services indirectly through affiliates.

There are many eCommerce sites like Amazon, Flip-kart, eBay, Commission Junction, Rakuten Marketing, Snapdeal and more.

You can do affiliate marketing for hosting, domains, web templates, graphic elements and more of internet things. Not only the retail sector there are other industries who are using affiliate marketing to increase the traffic and sales of their respective products and services.

To start an affiliate marketing business, you must have the following things:

  • A blog on a popular niche based on your passion and interest.
  • A normal decent volume of visitors to your own blog [at least 400 – 500 visitors daily].
  • Right Affiliate Program integrated on your blog.

How Bloggers/freelancers Can earn from Affiliate Marketing?

Bloggers – Blogging means publishing your niche online frequently. That’s what readers will read on your blog. Your content is the key factor to increase the traffic of your site. For example, you are passionate about fashion, then it become your niche to explore the trends and updates on fashion. Those who loves to read or know about fashion will visit your blog for latest trends in fashion. This is the way you can increase the traffic to your blog.

But to maintain consistency or increase the visitors, you should have the potentiality and creativity in presenting the content in a wizardry way. There are lots of fashion blogs online, so to make yours on top, you should work on it and can do smart work.

Once your traffic is increasing then it’s the time to start earning money from affiliate marketing. But choosing the right affiliate program makes your blog more colorful. That means, you have to choose the related affiliate programs to your niche.

Affiliate marketing is based on content recommendation system and adding a monetization component to it.

Basically, if you recommend something and that recommendation resulting in your readers purchasing said product or service, you’ll get a cut of each sale. Isn’t it nice? Yes, it is.

You can recommend products or services by following methods:

  • Posting links or banners on your website
  • Writing reviews on your blog about the product or service that you have received from the retailer.
  • Writing comments with your affiliate links on social media platforms
  • Promoting products through social media or forums
  • Sending emails to the public briefly describing about the products or services
  • Make a video of unboxing products and publish on YouTube or your web page or social media platforms.
  • Compare the products and write the pros and cons of them

Like this you can make the readers as purchasers to earn good income from Affiliate Marketing.

Freelancers – They also do blogging to showcase their works. Along with this, they can use back-links for promoting the related products. For example, if you are a designer, you can put back links for designing tools, or other designing software. This way freelancers can earn good passive income from affiliate marketing.

Freelancers can promote the products or services like below:

  • Adding links or banners to their portfolio
  • Promoting links in social media and community forums
  • Creating info-graphics of product and their features and putting them on web page with affiliate links
  • Sharing across freelance communities and other platforms
  • Making video about usage of any software or designing tool
  • Creating tutorials on products or services and back links to it appropriately

There are many ways to promote products now-a-days in digital world. We can even use our mobile to promote products. The difference is converting them to sales.

Here are recommended affiliate marketing programs for bloggers and freelancers.

Commission Junction – With over 20 years of experience, Commission Junction are the most trusted and established name in affiliate marketing.

There are thousands of advertisers compounded with Commission Junction to increase the traffic and sales of their products and services through affiliate marketing.

Rakuten Marketing – Rakuten Marketing is another affiliate marketing company which has thousands of retail advertisers, internet things advertisers and more. It is good reputed company with top brands like Alibaba, Cisco Systems, Monster and many to mention.

Partnerstack – It’s also like Rakuten Marketing company, they provide you affiliate marketing programs from the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world.

Partnerstack services are utilized by top companies like Intuit, Asana, Volusion, Unbounce and more.

Bluehost – Bluehost is one of the world’s best hosting services provider. It is also recommended hosting provider. You can earn good passive income by promoting Bluehost across your website or social media.

Impact – Impact disrupted the industry by moving away from the traditional affiliate network model and instead introducing a SaaS technology platform for performance marketing professionals to better grow and manage all their revenue generating partnerships.

HostGator, Bigrock, Envato, Lenovo and many more retail and technology companies are using Impact for advertising their products and services.

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