Five effective principles of Logo Design

Now a days every business needs an identity to reach public effectively. There are multiple factors to be considered before making a brand identity to the business. Logo helps to identify the business quickly.

We have so many brands running since decades. We love them and identify them by just looking at their logos. That much impact will create a logo for any business. So, logo design is also an important factor for any kind of business.

In simple words…

Logo design is an art made by combining letters and images, only an image or only with letters. Logo itself portrays your business.

To design a remarkable logo, there are certain principles to follow. Here I have mentioned few important principles with description.


A simple logo design allows for easy recognition. Simple logo design also looks to be versatile & memorable. Good logos feature something unique without being overdrawn.

Idea here (above Logo) was complete opposite in every aspect. Evil/Good, Man/Woman, Sad/Happy, Black/White, opposite directions.


This is the logo used in design textbooks and articles to describe simplistic yet effective logos. An effective logo design should be memorable and this is achieved by having a simple, yet, appropriate logo.

The bold FedEx identity, with the “hidden arrow” embedded in the “E” and “x”, conveys the dynamic attributes that maintains FedEx leadership.


An effective logo should be timeless and should avoid trends. It should last the test of time. Focus on building a strong concept for your logo and keep away from trends. Over time trends will fade away, so will the logo. Timeless refers to no particular trend and will allow your client to enjoy its longevity, allowing your design to stay on board long-term.

This Coca-Cola logo had proven to be timeless and standing still over decades.


A good logo can be used in a variety of sizes and colors. Your logo should have the versatility to appear on collateral for a pen to a plane. This dramatic physical scale in usage demonstrates how an identity needs to work across a wide scope of collateral.

Can a logo be applied to various forms of size and color?

Think about:

  • Printing in small and large sizes
  • Can the concept be understood in one color?
  • Cost of printing multiple colors

Amazon logo is not only simple but also versatile and memorable. The arrow from “A” to “Z” indicates two things – “You can buy Any item from A-Z” online, also it made a remark that they make customers smile by providing awesome customer service. Hence, they are called as most customer centric company in the world.


Does this logo fit the purpose and identity of my company? A logo much portray the company it represents through the use of shape and form. A good concept to keep in mind is smooth lines for a more youthful logo, while using straight lines for a more corporate brand. A logo’s relevance to your company is key when establishing a brand. For example a clothing company’s logo is identifiable based on the symbol and style of the type treatment. That style will not work for a food product.

This logo is for a website that lets users buy and sell new and used magazines. It is effective and simple, letting the consumer know exactly what they can expect – an folio of paper magazines.

Designhill – A brand identity maker

If you are starting a new business or an online blog or an online business, you need an Identity to grab public attention.

That’s where Designhill gives you the perfect Branding solutions for your start up.

Who are Designhill?

In their words…

Designhill is a graphic design platform for designers to earn, participate, work and share their work and is a one point stop for business owners to source high quality designs including logos, website design and more at affordable prices.

What they do?

Designhill providing a great platform for both designers and customers. It is a marketplace for Graphic Design, Graphics, Logo Design, Banner Design, Packaging Design, Merchandise Design and many other design services. They are not only limited to Graphic Designs but also providing Web Design services like Landing Page Design, App Icons or Button Design, Blog Design and Mobile Apps Design.

They are giving an interactive interface which allows customers to give real time feedback to the designer, which helps designers to understand the customers expectations.

For designers they are providing platform to create portfolios, showcase their works to get works from customers globally. They also giving projects 1 to 1, which means customers work with their favorite designers one-on-one basis.

What services they are providing?

Once you clicked on services you will get this page, where you need to select your need.

Graphic Designer

If you are a graphic designer, select left side of the page to create your portfolio and find a job or sell your creative services.

Business Owner

If you are a business owner and looking for graphic design or graphic designers, enter right side of the page.

Graphic Designer Services
Business Owner Services

Services for Designer

  • Design Contests
  • Graphic Design Services
  • One to One Design Projects
  • Tasks
  • Ready-made Logo Store

Services for Customer

  • Design Contests
  • Graphic Design Services
  • One to One Project
  • Tasks
  • Ready-made Logo Store
  • Logo Maker

How it works for Designers?

Browse design contests held by business owners from around the world.

Customers provide detailed design briefs, images, reference designs etc. for your to easily understand their requirements. 

Once you have designed your works, submit your designs. You can upload the designs in prescribed format. You can even chat with customer for any modifications they need.

Customers give real time feedback to every design they like. They give ratings to your designs and others too.

If customer like your designs, then you can handover the design and get paid immediately.

How it works for Business Owners?

Business owners have 3 simple steps to get their project done.

  • Post a Project You have to give an overview of your business. Mention your Vision & Mission. Answer few questions in project detail page. You need to mention the project’s budget in your submission.
  • Review the Designs – You will receive dozens of designs from different designers all over the world. Give them feedback and ask to personalize designs as per your need. You will get revisions as many as you want.
  • Pick your favorite – Choose the best one you loved from all those submitted. Get original source files and complete copyright on it. You will become the owner of the design.

Power packed Features

  • 70,000+ Professional Designers all over the world
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited free polls
  • Real time feedback
  • Designer invitation
  • Interactive feedback tool
  • Multi-device support
  • White label presentation
  • 24×7 Live support
  • Full copyright ownership
  • Print-ready designs
  • High resolution files

You can choose any kind of design contests. Every contest have different pricing. You can check the pricing guide for contests here.

You can see a drop down menu to select the category of your requirement.

You will also have another design services and they have respective pricing guides. You can check features and pricing guides here:

Here I have to mention few things about Designhill AI Logo Maker. They have created AI (Artificially Intelligent) Logo Maker, which enables you to create a logo on your own.

All in one solution – AI Logo Maker

  • High resolution vector files
  • Social media kit
  • Brand guide lines
  • Color variations
  • Print-ready designs
  • Multi device support
  • Save time and Money
  • Real time Changes
  • Unlimited Logo Ideas
  • Make your brand look great
  • Fully copyright ownership
  • 24×7 live support

How AI Logo Maker works?

You can design your logo with in 5 minutes using logo maker. Free of cost you can design your logo and if you love it, then you can make it yours paying for it.

Enter your company name to start generating logo of your own.

Pick design styles from the given list and proceed. You will get lot more designs, colors and different styles.

Once you choose the style and design, then you can pick color formats for your logo.

Here you have to enter your company slogan, which industry your company belongs to. You can also pick your budget here. There are free logos in the budget list.

Pick icons or symbols to insert in your logo. There are lot of high quality icons collection Designhill providing for customers.

In this step you will see logo designs for your company. Designhill providing lot formats and styles based on your selection of tools. You can edit the design you like most. You can modify symbols, icons, letters, shapes, or fonts. Tool are available on the top of the page.

Done! Logo design completed. You can select the package and purchase the logo you designed. You will get complete copyrights on the logo.

Isn’t simple? Then what are you waiting for. Start creating your own logo with Designhill AI Logo Maker.

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